Here’s a versatile cleaning machine

Unger, through their Australian importer, Pall Mall Manufacturing, has launched a highly versatile pure water cleaning pole with the option of three different systems.

This means contractors and facility managers can now choose the system that best suits their particular facility and operation.

Also, Pall Mall has available several models of the pure water filtration units plus the replacement resin beads for the filters. And there will be a full range of accessories and spares.

Even if there is no Unger spare part in stock, Pall Mall will use parts from whole units to ensure spares can be supplied.

The three systems of poles range from the top of the range screw-together Carbontec carbon-fibre poles both in kits and as individual poles and accessories.

With carbon fibre being so lightweight together with great strength and rigidity, it means that a 15m (50ft) pole weighs only 7-8kg.

This means one person can handle such a pole and clean up to five stories high. In addition pole sections, each 1.5 or .75m long, can be attached or detached to change the length of the pole using the simple screw-on or screw-off process.

Unger also has telescopic pole systems.

The Carbontec Telescopic is also made of carbon-fibre but with a slide system using clamp connectors.

These poles can extend to be usable up to 20m (65ft) while the HifLo Advanced System is an economy model in a choice of four lengths using fiberglass or a fiberglass/carbon- fibre hybrid and also with a clamp system.

With the wide range of accessories available from Unger, irrespective of system, it is now possible to clean just about any surface.

Unger also offers a choice of different brushes, goosenecks to get over, under or around surfaces and adapters that allow conventional Unger tools such as window squeegees, washers and scrapers to be attached.

The Carbontec range of carbon-fibre poles is the most versatile and efficient water pole system available.

Pall Mall
Ph: 02 9584 8644