Here’s some hand-y solutions from Sperian

If you value your hands, you’ll be serious about safeguarding them while you’re working.

High quality, durable protective gloves are readily available in Australia, as long as you know exactly what to look for to suit your particular needs and job type. So where do you start?

First, you obviously want a standards – certified product.

Currently, virtually all high-quality protective gloves sold in Australia are produced
internationally and certified to standards under the system and coding of the region or organisation of origin. For this reason you won’t find any on the market approved to an Australian Standard.

International Standards and European standards are accepted throughout the Australian market for Industrial, Chain Mesh & Electrical Gloves.

Certified chain mesh gloves on the Australian market are marked ‘Conforms with EC directive 89/686/CEE’, and insulating gloves for electrical work, ‘Compliant with IEC 60 903. Electrical Gloves (International Standard) industrial gloves are certified directly under Europe’s “EN” certification classification.

You are also likely to opt for a reputable brand name with a track record you can trust.

One of the best-known, both in Australia and internationally is Perfect Fit, now part of the Sperian Protection group.

A market leader in hand and arm protection, Perfect Fit aims for optimal user protection, comfort, flexibility/manoeuvrability and ‘fit for purpose’. All gloves are “EN-388” certified. Sperian offers high dexterity gloves for specialised applications in numerous industries from construction, automotive sub-assembly and glass handling to electronic and small parts assembly, hi-tech applications, oil refineries and general manufacturing.

They come in a wide selection of materials and tough coatings that resist abrasion and cuts, including models with a textured natural rubber palm giving secure grip with outstanding puncture resistance.

Nitrile gloves - durable synthetic combining high slash resistance with superior dexterity and grip especially in oily applications, cut-resistant foamed nitrile that absorbs grease while keeping hands dry.

Flexible polyurethane protects hands from harsh chemicals, while providing sure grip and abrasion resistance.

Recent additions include two new, general-purpose nitrile industrial gloves. The NFU600S, made of comfortable, durable black nylon, has a nitrile-coated palm for a firm grip and to reduce hand fatigue, high abrasion resistance and maximum oil and grease absorption.

The robust, cost-efficient WorkEasy WE110 is ultra-light, resists (minor) cuts, offers good grip and dexterity thanks to its nitrile palm coating. It comes in three sizes and performs well in hot and cold conditions.

Perfect Fit from Sperian also makes protective insulating gloves for electrical work (compliant with IEC 60 903. - Electrical Gloves (International Standard), including Electrosoft Latex gloves for conditions from class 00 to 4, leather over-gloves for use with latex electrical gloves, Electrosoft Multifilm gloves, offering good mechanical protection without requiring an over-glove and Electrosoft Composite gloves combining mechanical resistance and comfort with high protection.

Sperian also offers chain mesh gloves (conforming with EC directive 89/686/CEE) made from the highest quality metals ISO 9002 safety standards, for total protection against cuts and stabs in the meat processing and glass and textile industries.

This range features lightweight and ergonomic designs for extended use without excessive fatigue, including ChainExtra reversible steel or titanium mesh gloves with detachable wrist straps and ChainExpert steel or titanium gloves with an automatically adjustable wrist strap.

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