Here’s a Sayfa way to prevent falls from heights


Falls from heights and roofs are the prime cause of death or injury in Australian
workplaces and construction sites.

In addition to guardrails and walkways, fall prevention and arrest systems are crucial to safeguarding workers’ lives.

The distinguishing feature of static line systems design is that it allows unrestricted movement whilst the worker remains continually attached.

Sayfa Systems has become a respected brand name in Australia for innovative modular height and roof safety, access and fall protection systems.

Sayfa’s new Travel-8 Static Line System and Pilot Horizontal Shuttle Traveller permit continuous and safe fall-arrest protection across all roof surfaces and along roof edges.

The unique and stanchion and intermediate mounting plates and fittings, corner modules and shock absorbers facilitate installation to suit any roof type or access configuration, weather roof sheeting profile, steel and timber decks, or concrete structure.

The system can also be mounted overhead where required.

Manufactured in non-corrosive austenitic stainless steel, the Sayfa SL 200 Static Line  System and components are aesthetic and unobtrusive, ideal on narrow roof sections and require minimal maintenance.

The patented design incorporates state of the art shock absorption technology and fully complies with Standards Australia specifications and mandatory OH&S regulations and codes of practice.

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