Here’s the ideal shelving solution


If you’re looking for a storage solution suitable for small to mid-sized products, and you need simple stock picking accessibility, Erect-A-Rack has the answer.

LS2000 Long Span Shelving is long and strong and easy to install. It is also easily adjustable and requires no nuts or bolts.

Heavy duty long span shelving is ideal for:

  • High density storage of small parts.
  • Light and medium duty loads.
  • Archiving of documents, plans and files
  • Retail display shelving
  • Small to medium sized goods.
  • Hardware products and apparel

A special stepped beam profile allows true protection of flush fitting shelf inserts.

LS2000 Long Span Shelving can be easily incorporated into Pallet Racking and Raised Storage Systems or used separately.

Erect-A-Rack’s long span shelving is perfect for businesses that have light loads.

It is designed to support 4000kg per bay and 450kg per shelf level UDL.

Long span shelving can easily be converted in raised storage areas for high density storage and large scale order picking systems.

To learn more about LS2000 Long Span Shelving storage solutions talk to one of the expert team at Erect-A-Rack.

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