Heavy moves made easy

When it comes to moving heavy equipment you can’t go past the Sippel Group’s Hovair Airskate.

The Hovair Airskate has been used successfully in many challenging situations.

Earlier this year the equipment was used to change the total direction around by 90° of a production line of 10-stand Jacquard Weaving Line and its ancillary equipment.

Contracted to do the move in two weeks, it was completed with half a week to spare, minimising production down time.

It was critical that about 9000 vertical strings on each 10 tonne Jacquard module had to be kept intact and in place.

Special Joining Bars and Jacking Poles were all pre-manufactured by Sippel to lift the splayed legs to place.

The Hovair Airskate Units were placed under the feet of each of the 10 stands, which were about 7m apart diagonally.

Because of the tight space the move was like playing a game of drafts, with many more than just one move of each stand necessary to set it in its final position.

The end result was a complete change of Production Line direction by 90° for greater efficiency.

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