Hear, hear: Cochlear’s highly successful move

Cochlear staff and management thought they were hearing things when they were told recently it would be no trouble to relocate six huge machines from its Lane Cove plant in Sydney.

The Sippel Group undertook the challenge using its revolutionary Airskate Equipment.

A team from Sippel joined forces with Johnston’s Transport Industries to move the six machines from Cochlear’s west Lane Cove plant to new premises at Macquarie University.

The Johnston’s Transport team carefully manoeuvred the machines through a 1st floor window/door opening using a large stevedoring forklift crane.

The machines were then carefully placed onto three waiting Airskate Modules.

They were arranged so that the larger AS22-HP (22” OD) module was combined at one end of each machine with 2 x AS18-HP (18” OD) modules arranged at the other end.

The large forks were then withdrawn while the machine was floated clear.

The machines were manoeuvred up the passageway, then through a narrower corridor and negotiated through another doorway and around the corner into the area where they were to be installed.

For the first time the Sippel Group were able to float the huge machines over a special anti-slip minimum noise floor with a lightly embossed surface without the aid of slip sheets.

This was made possible by Sippel Group’s planning and experience over many previous moves on various floor surfaces.

The end result was a row of six machines accurately aligned in the planned location.

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