Hare & Forbes gives leading steel company an edge


Aus Iron Industries is one of Victoria’s leading companies in the supply, fabrication and
installation of structural steel projects for the construction, building, power and mining

Headquarted in South Dandenong, they manage a wide and diverse client base. Recent
major projects include the new AAMI Park stadium, the Melbourne Airport extension and
a 65,000sqm distribution centre for K-Mart. Aus Iron Industries Managing Director, Danny Morino, felt the company was subcontracting out so many plate processing jobs in recent years they were losing control over their work.

He addressed the problem by importing the first CNC Plasma Cutter (Model BPL-H) into
Australia from Baykal in Turkey.

Aus Iron Industries had been dealing with Baykal’s Australian distributor, Hare & Forbes
for more than 12 years and had bought Baykal presses and guillotines previously.

“We have enjoyed remarkable service and excellent advice from Hare & Forbes, particularly their Sales Manager, Steve Calderone,” says Mr Morino.

“I was happy with the Baykal products so I visited the Baykal factory in Turkey. I was
impressed with what I saw and gave Hare & Forbes the go ahead to bring the CNC Plasma Cutter into Australia for me.”

Mr Morino chose the plasma cutter over a laser cutter as it suited their type of work,
which includes column base plates, haunches and general plate parts.

A plasma cutter is ideal for heavy plate work, which doesn’t require a really fine finish and the capital and running costs are a lot less than a laser machine.

The plasma cutter cost about $250,000, compared with well over $1 million for a laser

Also, the laser table is not as big. The Baykal CNC Plasma Cutter features a 3m x 10m table and is capable of plasma cutting up to 63mm thick and oxy up to 200mm plate.

Robert Hade, Operations Manager, Aus Iron Industries, was impressed with the speed of installation.

“The set up time was short and efficient,” Mr Hade says.

“It only took four days to put the machine together and we had it working productively
within five days and it hasn’t stopped since. The installation costs included the services of a technician from Baykal who trained some of our key people in the operation and how the software works. Our people found the programming and the operation to be user friendly and straight forward.”

Before installing the plasma cutter Aus Iron Industries had to outsource plate processing jobs. It was expensive and they had no control over the time, which had the potential of compromising the client’s time schedule.

“With the new machine that’s now all gone,” says Mr Hade.

“We now control the time and the priority in our workshop. We don’t have to outsource and by avoiding double handling and with lower costs it means that we maintain a competitive edge.”

Mr Morino adds: “If we can prove to our clients that we can do things in-house and can
deliver on time or early then it’s an advantage. At the end of the day it’s time, cost and quality. Having the Baykal CNC Plasma Cutter has certainly improved our competitiveness.”

An unexpected benefit was that Aus Iron Industries found that they were able to cut
staunches (a steel section split diagonally).

“This process was performed by steel merchants,” says Mr Morino.

“Control of this process had always been on issue as it could take days and sometimes
weeks to complete the process. Now, when I get the drawing and specifications from the
engineer I can cut the job the next day. This came as a pleasant surprise.”

Aus Iron Industries are now able to run the plasma cutter on a double shift when required. If anything goes amiss during cutting in the absence of the operator the
machine has a built in safety factor and simply shuts itself down.

Mr Hade says having more control over their jobs the company has been able to expand its selection of work.

He says: “We now have more security over what we do and we are confident that we can
deliver on time. I also believe that this machine might just give us an edge over others in terms of the complexities of the plates we can handle.”

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