Gym Floor Mats Available From GMC

The gym floor mats provide a long term, impact attenuating flooring system that is popular for not only for use in gymnasiums but also for roof tops, balconies, and most internal flooring applications.

Adhesion is not required to the sub-base of the gym floor mats due to the heavy individual weight of each tile. Once securely locked in around the perimeter gym floor mats perform like one large rubber mat.

These gym floor mats can easily be replaced by the owner or easily removed and re-installed at a different location if and when necessary.

Gym floor mats provide slip resistance and are available in plain black or black with blue, red or cork coloured speckles.

The gym floor mats are made of Polymerically bound recycled rubber and 6% EPDM and each mat measures 1 metre x 1 metre and has 15mm thickness

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