Guardrails vital when working at heights

Falls from heights and roofs are the prime cause of death or injury in Australian workplaces and construction sites, with guardrails and walkways being paramount in safeguarding workers’ lives.

For service providers undertaking installationand maintenance at heights, the distinguishingfeature of guardrail systems is that a safety barrier or access support is provided for workers at roof perimeters and along accesswalkways.

Sayfa has become the respected brand namein Australia for innovative modular height androof safety, access and fall protection systems.

The patented design incorporates state ofthe art modular componentry, and fully complieswith Standards Australia specifications and mandatory OH&S regulations and codes of practice.

The new Sayfa universal Sentry Guardrail System permits continuous and effective barrier protection and access support across all roof surfaces and along potential fall edges at roof perimeters.

Flat-pack system kits are user friendly andfacilitate ease of site assembly, installation and dismantling.

Manufactured in high-tensile and lightweightnon-corrosive aluminium, the GW300 Guardrail System and components are versatileand adaptable, robust and aesthetic, and require minimal maintenance.