Gross Weight Bag Filling for Powdered Foods.

A leading company within the Food Industry has two (2) Accuweigh gross weight bag filling systems installed in its Melbourne operations.  These twin screw fed bagging machines are fabricated in 316 stainless steel and custom designed to suit the client’s requirements. 

Accuweigh’s gross weight bag filler weighs, fills and closes a range of powdered premixed food ingredients in 15kg to 25kg into open mouth bags at a rate of four (4) bags per minute with an accuracy of 100grams or better.

The gross weigher is mounted under the mixer discharge and incorporates a draw magnet with two grids of magnets and a supply hopper fitted with a low level product probe. The supply hopper is designed to hold the entire contents discharged from the mixer.  Whilst the mixer commences another cycle, the previous batch from the gross weigher is filled into bags.

 Gross Weight Bag Filling Sequence:

The bag filling and closing operation simply requires the operator to place a empty bag onto the bag clamp assembly which automatically commences the filling cycle, feeding product into the bag via the variable speed twin screws with two or three stage feed control for optimum accuracy.  Once filled, the bag is released onto the bag closing conveyor and proceeds to the bag closing equipment.  When clear of the bag clamp assembly, the operator places another empty bag to be filled.

Whilst the ‘next’ bag is being filled the operator steps left to the ‘previous’ filled bag and presents the bag to the automatic bag closing equipment, consisting of a height adjustable bag closing conveyor to suit various height bags and an automatic sewing machine with infeed device.  After the filled bag is closed a bag kicker kicks the bag in a ‘bottom first’ configuration onto an inclined metal detector conveyor.  Once the filled bag is clear of foreign particles it is palletised. 

When the product in the supply hopper drops to ‘low level’ and the current bag filling cycle has finished a flashing pilot light indicates to the operator the choice to either drop the next mixer contents of the same recipe into the hopper, or continue to bag off the remaining product prior to the mixer discharging the ‘new’ recipe contents.

Access for ease to clean is provided via removable augers, removable shut valve and hinged access covers; all designed and fitted with safety interlock switches complying with Australian standards.

Accuweigh’s sales and service branches in all states ensure we can handle client’s needs anywhere in Australia without the need for interstate travel by our service crews.