Goulburn Base Hospital saves water by installing a new recirculating chiller as part of new steriliser installation

Goulburn Base Hospital in NSW has used a chiller from Summit Matsu Chillers to save water as part of the new Atherton Gorilla steriliser installation.

The chiller is able to take hot water from the condensers and vacuum pump, cool it down, and pump it back to the steriliser. Because of the large buffer tank in the chiller the extremes of temperature in the return water don’t have any negative effect. The hot return water just mixes with the internal reservoir which the chiller holds at a constant 10 deg C. The chiller also has the added advantage of keeping sterilising cycle times constant in any weather which means greater reliability and through put.

“We have had enquiries from hospitals all over Australia and it is amazing how many are still using town water for sterilizer cooling” said Summit Matsu Chillers General Manager Daniel Rollston. “Particularly with the drought at the moment in Queensland we are genuinely surprised that hospitals are not taking simple steps like installing chillers to cut water usage – especially when the water savings are in the tens of thousands of litres per year.”

Summit Matsu Chillers is a specialist manufacturer of air cooled and water cooled chillers that are used for air conditioning, process cooling, and can be customised to client requirements.

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