Gorman-Rupp pumps make life easy for owners and installers

The Gorman-Rupp rotary gear pump is the easiest gear pump to install and the easiest gear pump to maintain, according to Australian distributors, Hydro Innovations.

This makes the pumps especially popular with installation contractors and equipment owners, who can expect lower maintenance costs over the life of the pumps.

The Gorman-Rupp G series pump is available in medium, heavy and extreme duty options.

These pumps can tackle a wide range of applications because of the vast range of materials and sealing options available.

But Hydro Innovations spokesperson Sean Currie, says there is more to the pump than being a great “applications solver”.

Being able to adjust pump height and having multiple port options has the potential to save substantially on installation costs, Mr Currie says. And equipment owners will also get cost savings benefits.

This is because the pump has many features to extend component life (like the unique idler pin lubrication system and internal seal pressure vent).

Also, parts costs will be lower. But when service is needed, the pumps are much easier to service than other viscous liquids pumps.

For example, a double piloted design ensures simple and precise rotor adjustment, a back pull-out design allows service and maintenance without disconnecting pump housing from piping, and a “no-leak” pressure relief valve allows pressure relief valve setting without leakage of high temperature or corrosive fluids.

Gorman-Rupp gear pumps will handle fluids form fuels to food oils, from acids to meat products and viscous silicones to thin solvents.

Hydro Innovations
Ph: 02 9647 2700