Gorman-Rupp pumps are making their mark

A line of Gorman-Rupp “extreme duty” rotary gear pumps is the market leader when it comes to the pumping of ink and other abrasive process fluids.

The GHA range of Gorman-Rupp rotary gear pumps, distributed in Australia by Hydro Innovations, has been designed especially for this application.

The GHA Extreme-Duty pump combines proven gear pump technology with state-of-the-art wear-resistance processes, making it the world’s toughest, long-lasting gear pump, says Hydro Innovations executive Garry Grant.

Features include:

  • Hard, austempered ductile iron gears to resist abrasive wear, extending pump life.
  • Critical wear areas of both head and housing are hardened to resist wear and maintain pump efficiency.
  • Extremely hard carbide idler pin and bush provide excellent wear resistance under the most severe abrasive applications.
  • Carbide shaft bushing or G-R’s unique precision needle bearing provides exceptionally reliable high-load shaft support and better rotor shaft stability, extending seal life and operational life of the pump.
  • Flexible seal housings are engineered to allow installation of industry standard (after market) cartridge seals, compression packing seals, or hard face mechanical seals.
  • Silicon carbide seal faces mounted in a highly engineered mechanical seal ensure maximum life and reliability with minimal wear for high-abrasive viscous applications to 22,000cSt.

Hydro Innovations
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