Golf ball technology makes clean air par for the course

Dimac Tooling is now offering two highly efficient mechanical air filtering units – the Recojet 1 and the Reven Ultra Cleaner.

Both these units use golf ball technology for maximum efficiency.

The compact, lightweight Recojet 1 contains an energy saving, dynamically balanced, highperformance fan with a vacuum safety cylinder.

The patented maintenance-free Cyclone filter system gives you a complete air filtration
solution ready for connection, without the traditional problems of centrifugal separators
such as noise, low separating rates and strong vibrations the Recojet 1 can be mounted
directly onto the machine.

The Reven Ultra Cleaner is for use where smoke and other fine particles need to be
removed at a higher volume.

The Reven Ultra Cleaner allows you to add additional filters with all basic elements easily cleaned for reuse.

Its flame-arresting capability has been tested successfully by the German TUV in compliance with the directive UL 1046 of the American Underwriters Laboratories.

The Cyclone filter system used in the Recojet 1 is based on the principal of when a golf ball is flying, the highest pressure applies at its front.

The dimples on the surface of the golf ball produce pressure compensation between the
front and the rear of the ball, thus reducing aerodynamic drag. That is why a golf ball with dimples flies farther than a smooth one.

Similar to the dimples of a golf ball, Reven has applied indentations and dimples to the surfaces that are exposed to the airflow.

This technology is particularly well suited for the separation of the following harmful
substances from the air:

Dispersions of fluid droplets and solid particles in a gaseous environment.

Fluid droplets generated by supersaturated vapour through condensation when the
temperature/pressure decreases.

Substances that are generated at normal ambient temperatures when the vapour pressure is below 1.013 mbar.

Fine dust
Solid particles with a diameter below 10μm.

The removal of such mists and particles from the working environment can result in
significant savings.

And you no longer need throwaway filters, making maintenance much simpler.

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