Gloves Combine Grip and Oil Repellency

Workers in the metal fabrication industries who have struggled to find an oil repellent glove with gripping properties now have an innovative glove option from Ansell.

The new HyFlex® 11-920 glove provides excellent grip in oily conditions by using Ansell Grip TechnologyTM in the palm coat to wick oil away from the glove surface while preventing oil penetration, thereby reducing the risk of dermatitis and eliminating the need to double glove.

HyFlex® 11-920 gloves allow material handling workers to effectively grip wet or oily objects with significantly less force, keeping them comfortable, healthy and protected. The Ansell Grip Technology creates a roughened surface of microscopic channels in an ultra-thin nitrile coating on the outside for grip with a barrier of nitrile.

The outer surface directs fluid away from the glove's surface in much the same way that tire treads manage water on a roadway. In addition, two layers of nitrile coating on the liner of the glove prevents oil from penetrating, protects skin and reinforces the high abrasion resistance and wear life.

The gloves are also machine launderable for an extended life and reduced replacement costs.

The flexible nitrile dip coating used on the palm of the HyFlex® 11-920 makes these gloves ergonomically friendly. It preserves dexterity, which makes workers more confident and productive in handling slippery objects and provides the fit, feel and comfort of the HyFlex design.

HyFlex® 11-920 gloves are highly favourable for dry to moderately wet or oily objects and are recommended for use in industry applications such as metal fabrication, automotive, transportation, white goods and machinery.

AN 10215