Gladland Flowers happy with Stretch Tape Wrapper

Business: Gladland Flowers.

Company Profile:

GLADLAND FLOWERS are a production nursery situated in Thornlands at Victoria Point in Brisbane QLD. They specialise in potted Chrysanthemums, Poinsettias, Lilliums and other assorted flowering plants. They distribute these to all major chain stores and retailers in TAS, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD. They also supply cut flowers to the QLD market.


Needed to be able to transport large numbers of pallets to markets around Australia safely with load integrity and the ability for the load to be able to breathe.

The Problem:
Currently hand wrapping their pallets using stretch tape which is extremely time consuming due to the number of pallets to be wrapped and the need for the loads to be able to breathe. This is costly and time consuming.

  • Perforated stretch film. (Didn’t solve waste problem).
  • Netting (difficult to apply and maintain load stability. Expensive)
  • Continue to hand wrap each pallet.

Product Chosen:
Safetech stretch Tape Wrapper using 3M stretchable tape.

Benefits of this product:

  • Loved by the staff.
  • Elimination of an OH & S issue.
  • Longer shelf life.
  • Less product damage in transit.
  • 90 % waste reduction by volume.