Get smart: use Clever Multimach valves

Metal Work Pneumatic has released its new Clever Multimach valves, which can be used to form autonomous and intelligent valve island subsystems.

Each valve has a microchip that checks the system and detects electrical faults and a LED diagnostic system that identifies immediately whether a pilot is energized, the contact is interrupted or there is a short circuit.

Addressing of single outputs is not required as the connection number of each solenoid pilot is assigned automatically based on the position occupied by the valve.

Clever Multimach terminals can have a maximum of 32 solenoid coils (32 single solenoid valves) with 32 inputs attached. Valves with 4, 6 and 8 mm. fittings can be combined on the same valve terminal and if required each valve can have an individual compressed air supply.

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