Get moving with Zallys electric tugs

Warequip has released the new Zallys range of Italian made electric tugs.

Zallys, an Italian based company, specialise in engineering and production of pedestrian operated electric vehicles to tug and tow and are designed to handle various products and weights.

The Zallys range of machines are versatile, reliable, strong, safe, easy to use and long lasting.

One model of the Zallys range is the Zallys M6.5 heavy duty tower.

The Zallys model M6.5 is a pedestrian operated electric tug, mainly designed for moving trailers.

The M6.5 couples to the trailer on the rear through an electric elevator, which is adjustable in height.

It is standard with a galvanised plate ready for all types of customisation depending on your application.

Developing all the traction it needs by using a coupling system to transfer load weight to the drive wheel the M6.5 can tow, push and steer loads from 50 to 6500kg.

The M6.5 is equipped with a swivel tiller head that can steer at 80ยบ - ideal when space is a factor.

Safety features include forward/reverse speed lever control, horn, emergency stop, on/off key and switch to activate the electric lifter coupling.

Ph: 1800 337 711