Get a grip with this new primer

Thousands of Australians are injured each year after tripping or falling on stairways.

Australian standards require all workplace steps to be safe.

Edges of steps must be visible by having a safety strip with a 30 per cent highlighted contrast.

The most common method of applying safety strips is the installation of self-adhesive
grip tapes.

Poor adhesion can lead to the tape lifting and therefore presents a tripping hazard.

Australian safety supplier and manufacturer Floorsafe International is the largest supplier of grip tapes.

Floorsafe has released a new product called Surface Primer to prevent grip tapes from lifting.

Applied by brush or roller 10 minutes before applying the tape will ensure 100 per cent adhesion to all most any type of surface.

Surface Primer is a clear, fast drying liquid that penetrates the surface leaving it clean from contaminates.

When dry, a tacky film is left on the surface that allows all self-adhesive tapes to achieve a strong hold.

Floorsafe International
Ph: 1300 717 769