Get a grip with new chemical resistant gloves

A lightweight chemical-resistant, liquid-proof glove has been designed to assist people who handle oily and slippery parts.

The AlphaTec 58-270 glove from Ansell was developed in response to requests from workers handling harmful chemicals or oily parts.

The workers say there wasn’t a suitable glove available to protect skin from dermal damage, without compromising comfort and dexterity.

Many solvents, oils and other chemicals can cause skin irritations, burns and allergic reactions.

Ansell says avoiding skin contact by using a high performance, chemical resistant glove is an efficient approach to protect workers.

The new glove provides an ideal combination of comfort, precise handling, industry leading grip and skin protection in workplace environments where chemicals, including oils are present.

Because oil does not readily penetrate or degrade its coating, the glove is durable and long-lasting.

Another advantage is its thin, double-wall nitrile shell offering users excellent tactility and flexibility.

Further information:

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