Get a grip with Keystone battery clips

In keeping with accelerated demands for “AA” and “A” surface mount battery clips for dense packaging use, Keystone Electronics has developed a new group of low profile clips.

The new range of clips are designed to firmly secure inserted batteries, withstanding
shock and vibration.

The clips feature an exclusive “flow hole” SMT solder tail design which significantly enhances joint strength and assures battery retention.

At the same time, low profiles make the clips ideal for dense PCB placements.

The new SMT clips are made of .012” (.30mm) thick, nickel plated steel and is available in bulk or on tape and reel with 125 pieces per 15” inch reel.

A 44mm wide polystyrene carrier tape, meeting ANSI/EIA-481 standards, is used as the reel with parts mounted on a 24mm pitch.

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