Gesipa masters the automatic rivet machine

Gesipa Germany developed the first automatic rivet machine (GAV), affectionately known as Sputnik, more than 30 years ago.

While many of the systems and principles that were invented then are still used, continual development and the introduction of electronics has produced an amazing rivet tool capable of setting up to 45 blind rivets per minute.

Each rivet is singularly transported along the feeding tube by a blast of compressed air to the riveting tool, which has a specially designed opening nosepiece to allow the rivet head to pass through.

At the touch of the trigger on the hand piece, the rivet is set, and split seconds later the next rivet is loaded ready to be inserted into the next work piece hole.

A manufacturing plant in Queensland has recently taken delivery of the latest product in the range – a GAV7000 Robotik version, which is mounted onto a robot to fully automate their production process.

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