Gear pumps that can ‘take the heat’

Gorman-Rupp, distributed in Australia by Hydro Innovations, has a gear pump range that is capable of handling process liquids with temperatures to 357oC.

This enables the range to handle the extreme temperatures necessary for heat transfer liquids, commercial food preparation, and processing industrial waste containing oils and solvents with very high temperatures.

These high temperature pumps are available in 15 sizes, with flows ranging from just a few litres per minute up to 1150 litres per minute.

They are capable of pressures to 14 Bar.

Hydro Innovations spokesperson Garry Grant says there are numerous features built into the pumps enabling them to operate continuously at high temperatures.

“Firstly, a unique seal cavity design features an oversized bore and “vent to suction” system for maximum circulation and cooling.

This seal cavity design also allows for numerous seal types and designs (so that specific fluids can be catered for).

“The standard seal jacket and economical quench gland also provides effective mechanical seal cooling which allows the pump to handle extreme temperatures. The simple accessible seal gland permits easy disassembly without shaft removal.”

The high temperature models are part of Gorman-Rupp’s Heavy-Duty range, which all feature adjustable “no-leak” pressure relief valves, back pull-out design, automatic idler pin lubrication systems and deep end-feed areas to handle highly viscous materials.

Hydro Innovations
Ph: 02 9647 2700