Gas detection vital for a safe workplace


Looking for the best state-of–the-art gas detection program to suit your workplace?

Then you should check out the latest automatic docking stations from Sperian Protection, designed to suit a wide range of Sperian gas detection units.

Used by workers to detect the presence of toxic and combustible gases, gas detection units play a vital part in many industries, including mining, shipping, fire fighting, and especially in confined spaces.

To avoid potentially deadly consequences it is vital for all gas detection units undergo regular bump tests and calibration.

By using Sperian Protection automated docks, all gas detection units automatically undergo bump tests when docked. Unlike a manual bump test that can take up to two minutes to complete, Sperian automatic docks perform bumps tests in just 22sec.

If you bump test 10 instruments a day, and the Sperian automated dock could reduce labour costs by more than 60 hours a year.

For increased safety compliance, calibration is checked at each docking, and should a unit require calibration due to elapsed time or performance, the Sperian automated dock will fully calibrate the gas detection unit in about two minutes.

Sperian docks also automatically download detector and maintenance data for easy recordkeeping, and automatically check each detector for more than 12 different performance functions.

As a further safety measure, if a gas detection unit is not within its defined performance specifications, the dock will automatically fail the instrument.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Toxi single gas instruments, as well as the Multi-Pro and PhD6 lines of multi gas instruments, Sperian Protection Automated Docks are a unique, automated gas management system.

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