Gansow making a clean sweep in industry circles

The new Gansow sweeper range is suitable for even the largest areas in warehousing,
factories, construction and car parks.

The range of five ride-on models features either single brush (Gansow 151, 161 and 191) or double brush sweepers (the Genius 1202 and 1404) along with a multi-surface
small area sweeper.

They feature a patented Self Leveling System that automatically ensures the brushes
are always in contact with the ground.

A rot-proof polyester dust filer ensures that no dust can enter the engine operating

The Genius 1202 has a maximum sweeping path of 1300mm (with main brush + one
side brush), while the Genius 1404 path is 1500mm.

Both are dual powered with a battery for internal use and either petrol or petrol/diesel
for external use. This equates to reduced emissions yet with extended run time.

The Gansow 151 sweep path is 1150mm, the 161 sweeper path is 1300mm and the 191 is 1500mm.

All are single powered and have a main broom and side brush. The 161 and 191 come with or without a cabin.

“Our aim has always been to provide a Total Warehousing Solution for the small, medium and now the largest warehouses, says Katherine Worrall, manager of the
cleaning products for Clark Equipment.

“With the addition of the Gansow sweepers our range of cleaning products encompasses
all the needs for hard floors, no matter how large or small the area and no matter how
dirty the area is.

“We plan to add further products to our materials handling range of Clark IC and Battery Electric Riders, the AC narrow aisle reach truck and the Omega handlers to ensure we provide a Total Warehousing Solution to all our customers warehousing needs. Our approach is to find the right product for the particular application to give the best price/performance ration for the customer”.

Ms Worrall says there are a number of compelling reasons for a business to invest in a quality sweeper.

“A sweeper reduces the dust that is in the air through its vacuum and filtration systems,
she says.

“In comparison a broom makes dust float then settle back down.”

Benefits include:

  • A safer and healthier working environment with less sick leave from air bound contaminants.
  • Less deterioration of product due to build up of dust.
  • A better company image with a professional and clean work environment.
  • Labour savings: A sweeper is faster and more efficient than a broom.

Clark Equipment has a complete range of sweepers and scrubbers suitable for all applications.

The company can advise how an efficient sweeper can improve your work environment.