G-Force sweetens chocolate



Chocolate Factory.


Lifting, positioning and tilting plastic tubs full of chocolate to pour into 14 separate mixers down an assembly line.

The Problem:

Workers were manually lifting and pouring these tubs weighing 55 lbs. (25 kg).  The facility needed technology that would; 1) eliminate any manual lifting 2) provide precise positioning of the load to avoid spillages, 3) handle the changes in weight while pouring the tubs of chocolate and 4) provide easy access to 14 mixers with one device.

Product Chosen:

Gorbel G-Force™ and Crane System.

Benefits of this Product: 

The Crane system and G-Force™ allowed the operator to quickly load product in a short period of time, therefore increasing efficiency.

The customer is very impressed with the effortless movement and ease of positioning of the crane system and G-Force™.  Operator injuries have decreased while efficiency has increased.


  • Chain hoist.
  • Vacuum lifter.
  • Balancer.

These alternatives were all considered but none matched the control or ability of the G-Force™ to handle weight changes as tubs tilted and emptied contents into the mixers.