G-Force Opens New Opportunities


Plant Engineering Magazine awarded the Q and iQ model G-Forces® the 2007 gold medal for product of the year. 

The Q and iQ G-Force® are Safetech's ideal solution for improving productivity and reducing part damage.

G-Force® is ideal for larger capacity lifting applications including:

  • Engines and transmissions
  • Changing out machine tooling and dies
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Large valve assembly for oil and natural gas industry

New design elements and software features of these models:

  • Modular design makes it easier to change control handle configurations in the field to meet your changing needs
  • On-board diagnostics for easy maintenance
  • New photo sensor replaces Operator Present Switch
  • New ergonomic handle features a standard LCD display
  • Patented eclusive combined collector and air swivel prevents damage to coil and/or optional air coil
  • Enhance end tooling functions with G-Force® intelligence by adding an optional Input/Output control block

The iQ and Q model choices offer the right features to fit your application and budget with even more intelligence features and capabilities.