Free DVD from Hydro Innovations

Gorman-Rupp has produced a new information DVD on their extensive range of Rotary Gear Pumps, available free from the company’s Australian distributor Hydro Innovations.

The disc contains information on how the pumps function, explaining how to disassemble and reassemble them, as well as providing full specifications.

According to Hydro Innovations the “G Series” range from Gorman-Rupp is the most advanced pump of its type on the market.

The gear pump range is suitable for numerous viscous liquids pumping applications from extreme temperatures to highly abrasive, along with very high viscosity fluids and those requiring higher pressures than “standard” gear pumps.

G Series pumps have flow ranges from just a few litres per minute up to 2200 l/m and can produce pressures to 20 BAR.

They also have the widest array of sealing options and materials of construction to allow the pumping of a very wide range of fluids.

Gorman-Rupp has a rotary gear pump for all applications including adhesives to fuel, asphalt to solvents, food oils to paints and varnishes, and mineral and synthetic oils through to liquefied gases and a huge range of chemicals.

Contact Hydro Innovations to order a copy of the free DVD.

Hydro Innovations
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