Four Tonne Scissor lift for grocery store


International Grocery Chain.

Company Profile:

A major international grocery chain had purchased a store in Sydney and needed to upgrade their product store handling systems.


The store was located in an established building and goods needed to be elevated from the lower dock area into the store.

The Problem:

There was a 4 metre rise from the receiving dock area to the shop. Space was at a premium and there was no opportunity to modify the building dimensions. Loads were multiple pallets up to 4 tonne.

Product Chosen:

Safetech 4 tonne Double Stage Scissor Lift with 4 metres of travel.

Benefits of this Product:

The installation of this table solved the considerable materials handling problems presented by the lay out of the building and the restrictions on any renovation.

The table's capacity meant that multiple pallets could be lifted in a single lift - an essential feature in this busy supermarket.


  • Vertical conveyor. Capacity limits and cost precluded consideration