Formero put to the challenge


Better Health & Entertainment is a Sydney-based company that provides Patient Entertainment and Clinical Applications systems to hospitals.

The group was recently looking to upgrade its patient entertainment bedside terminals by mounting a biometric thumb print scanner directly to the side of the touch screen.

The entertainment terminals are also used as an information access portal for medical staff.

For the upgrade the company required 200 moulded sets of parts to be supplied within three weeks.

They contacted Andrew Berry of Berry Design, an industrial design consultancy based in Melbourne.

Andrew utilised 3D laser scanning and 3D CAD to engineer and make changes to various components, ensuring the scanner unit would fit the terminals perfectly.

Objet 3D prototype parts were then made by Melbourne based company Formero and supplied to the client for approval and to test fit the existing displays.

The prototype parts fitted perfectly first time, so designs were then sent directly to Formero China who used its Parts Only service to create the tool and mould the 200 plastic parts.

Better Health and Entertainment managing director Louie Takchi said Berry Design and Formero’s outstanding service enabled them to deliver a hospital contract on time with minimal disruption.

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