Formero’s innovative water saving device is a winner

A common water saving tip found in various water saving guides is: “Use a bucket to collect water while waiting for the shower to get hot.”

A new invention called – The Cullector – now makes this primative method redundant.
Developed by Peter Cullin of Cullin Innovation, the Cullector can be easily retro-fitted onto the existing shower outlet against the wall.

The initial volume of cold water that would normally be lost to the drain is collected and then gradually reintroduced into the shower stream once the shower stream warms to the desired temperature.
The device utilises proven principles of fluid dynamics to maximise the use of every last water drop. The water pressure of the shower outlet is the only power the device requires for operation.

The Cullector device was featured on ABC’s The New Inventors last April. The device presented on TV was a prototype, fully produced by Melbourne based firm, Formero.

“Formero were very understanding and supportive in my first tentative steps into the building process of the prototype, including issues such as scaling, file format, resolution and choosing the best materials for building a series of prototypes to confirm functional geometry,” says Peter Cullin.

Dura Max Clear SLA was chosen for the bottle with clear lacquer on the external surface to allow the viewing of water filling and draining. The bottle was built with a wall thickness of 5mm to withstand mains water pressure. Small valves with a 2mm stem were made from Objet Tango Plus Shore A27 to allow air to enter the bottle when draining. The material was chosen to simulate the elastic properties of silicone.

The Cullector will soon be commercially available as an off-the-shelf product.

It was voted best invention by the ABC’s New Inventors panel and also won the public vote.

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