Forklift of the Future

Australia is now moving ahead in the world of Logistics and Materials Handling with the latest additions to the RFID world that is sure to take the future of logistics, distribution, and warehousing to the next level.

This year has seen many companies in fierce competition to be the first to reveal the RFID tags that can be read universally, and produced with the consumer in mind. Now available, and in use with many case studies to witness the value added by integrating the new universal readers and tags to everything from baggage handling at the airport to pallets of goods in transit; it has been the introduction of Intermec technology that has made outstanding breakthroughs this year.

This May will be highlighted with the unveiling of the Gen2 "Forklift of the Future" at the Matex Materials handling Exhibition on the Alpha Warehouse Solutions stand. Intermec has teamed up with Peacock Brothers, Cascade, and Alpha Warehouse Solutions Baoli Forklifts to present and demonstrate the new Intermec readers and the onboard forklift communication system that is already in use in the United States for the first time in Australia. The fully integrated system is fully operational and easily purchased to be added to any existing warehouse system.

Cascade has produced the backrest that contains the mounted Intermec readers which capture GS1 compliant RFID Gen2 tagged boxes, pallets , and products as they are handled by the forklift, and the forklift driver no longer needs to dismount the forklift to manually scan the barcodes or unpack pallets to read each carton. This will increase overall productivity, reduce the many safety hazards in the warehouse that cause accidents, and produce a constant source of accurate information to reduce costly errors, while saving real time and money for the whole operation.
The CV30 on board computer is mounted within the forklift cabin and the operator can send information to the warehouse inventory or management system wirelessly, providing solutions to stock control and making manifest stock taking very easy.

Three Intermec antennae are installed into the backrest to provide wide beam coverage for any pallet or any stock on the pallet and an instant read is communicated to the forklift driver and the on board computer, when the forklift picks up the pallet. This passing forth of information to the driver can also eliminate errors of location of bays, pallets, and loading docks and can communicate how, where,and when to deliver stock that is picked, to the loading docks and corresponding trucks so few pallets will ever be missing or placed incorrectly, and alarm features may be programmed into the CV30 computer that make it very easy to detect any problems.

Just a few more months away the future will see increasing new wireless technology that will have the capabilities to read a whole shipping container, and will certainly change and improve the time factors involved in moving stock and will be of interest to anyone who is involved with Transport, Shipping, Logistics, and warehousing. These new technologies and custom wireless solutions including security monitoring, wireless mesh options, and increasing wireless range within each warehouse or factory can be integrated into your planning through Alpha Warehouse Solutions and can help you achieve the most advanced system and return on investment, with our preferred suppliers.