Food Warehouse lowers costs with Pallet Inverter

Company Profile:

Dicksons Food Warehouse are a food goods warehouse that supplies product to service stations and smaller retail outlets.


Changing pallets from hire to in-house pallets in order to minimise on ongoing hire expenditure.

The Problem:

Manually changing product between pallets is labour intensive and a time-consuming process. Cost of labour, risk of injury and space requirements would have resulted in greater cost than the pallet hire savings.

Product Chosen:

Safetech INV2000 Pallet Inverter.

Benefits of this Product:

The pallet inverter allows Dickson’s to efficiently move product from hire pallets to inhouse pallets without the need for any cooperation from suppliers or customers. Within 20 minutes of receiving several pallets can be inverted and racked, minimising space requirements in the loading area.

The biggest single benefit are the financial savings that provide for the inverter to be paid back in less than 2 years.


Placing Product on slip-sheets. The difficulty here is the equipment and process change required for placing product on slip-sheet. It required special fork attachments at all points of product handling and was not feasible for most of Dicksons suppliers and customers.