Folding Trolleys

Warehousing Equipment have a wide range of unique folding trolleys.  These folding trolleys including the popular brands, Ruxxac, Clax and the latest release the Wolfcart. 

The Clax folding trolley is an excellent invention for anyone needing to transport small to medium materials.  The Clax folding trolley is communally used by sales representatives, meals on wheels, mail and office room staff.  The Clax is a two tier folding trolleys which comes standard with one
collapsible crate, with European style, quality and lightweight design
the Clax folding trolley is an ideal product. 

The Ruxxac range of folding trolleys weigh as little as 5.4kg and can carry up to 125kg.  The Ruxxac folding trolley is very popular, with its award winning German design and quality a Ruxxac is the clear favourite in the folding trolley market.

The latest folding trolley to come to Warehousing Equipment is the Wolfcart.  The Wolfcart’s ergonomic design allows the folding trolley to be used as a standard
upright trolley or fold down into a barrow style trolley.  The load
capacity is a large 150kg in the handtruck position and 200kg in the
barrow function.

Differentiating Features

The Clax, Ruxxac and Wolfcart range of folding trolleys all support unique folding design and outstanding quality. 

The Clax folding trolley including one basket collapses to a small 670 x 470 x
110mm and the unit weight is only 7kg.  An added feature of the Clax folding trolley is the wheels are removable and clip underneath if required for transportation. 

The Ruxxac range of folding trolleys also support a unique and user-friendly
folding action, where the wheels and platform fold simultaneously and
the Ruxxac folds to ideal size of 735mm H with a thickness of only 55mm – which is great for transportation. 

The Wolfcart folding system provides ideal storage with a fold up nose and a high
resting surface ideal for loading and unloading. The unique features of
the Wolfcart folding trolley eliminates strain on the user when large awkward loads
are to be moved long distances, making it more efficient with less
physical stress.

Why use a normal trolley, when you can use a Warequip folding trolley.