Focus Safety NZ Joins The General Mat Company Network

The General Mat Company has appointed Focus Safety Ltd New Zealand to distribute Australia’s most comprehensive range of entrance, safety, anti-fatigue and ergonomic matting.

GMC Managing Director Michael Siegle says Focus Safety Ltd is an ideal organisation to join GMC’s network of distributors, with Focus Safety Ltd already having broad experience in safety related products, including height safety, eye and hearing protection and environmental spill-control equipment.

Focus Safety Ltd has an established reputation for quality products and service that extends throughout New Zealand.

Managing Director, Peter Braithwaite, is well known in such industries as Health & Safety, Engineering, Manufacturing and the Construction Industry.

Because sprains or strains of the joints or adjacent muscles now account for 50% of new workers compensation claims, employers and employees alike are very concerned about the impact of slips, falls or conditions underfoot that can put undue stress on the body.

“Especially with an ageing workforce, employers are becoming more aware that there is more to ongoing workplace safety than providing gloves, helmets and glasses, which won’t protect you against a fall or longer term injury,” said Mr Siegle, whose company has received leading international distributor awards from some of the world’s best known and respected safety mat producers, including the Tennessee Mat Company Inc. and the Andersen Company Inc.

The benefits of this international expertise will be extended to Focus Safety Ltd personnel when GMC ‘s Sales Director, David Freedman, travels to New Zealand to conduct training courses  and to introduce new products.

GMC’s catalogue incorporates some of the world’s most advanced mat types designed to enhance the safety, comfort and presentation of workplaces and public buildings while reducing exposure to accident risk and liability claims.

For further information contact:

Peter Braithwaite - Telephone  64 9 4154932
Michael Siegle - Telephone  61 2 96821999