Focus on safety


VISIONSafe sets sights on workplace protection

As VISIONSafe continues into their 13th year, their team continues to be focused.

Their belief in the provision of nothing less than the best in eye protection extends across all areas of personal protective equipment.

The VISIONSafe range complies with all relevant Australian Standards. Where there is no Australian Standard, our products meet the highest possible international standards.

With many years of industry experience behind them, the people at VISIONSafe take
enormous pride in their in-depth product knowledge and exemplary customer service.

Their policy of continuous improvement that they apply to their products extends to their people as well.

A nationwide network of specialized distributors supports their end-users.

Worldwide sourcing of the latest in safety innovation keeps VISIONSafe at the forefront
of safety supply.

Uniqueness of product is a key feature of the VISIONSafe range.

Their buyers seek out the best of products from the US, UK, South Africa and China in
order to provide the very latest in technologies.

The VISIONSafe range includes:

The VISIONSafe range of eyewear is always evolving to meet the needs and wants of their end users.

Styles like the Harpoon and the Drift provide optimum eye protection (ASNZS 1337
medium impact) in a comfortable, stylish safety spectacle.

They are an ideal solution to the constant struggle with employees unwilling to wear their eye protection by offering attractive, high quality eye protection for personnel in all
industrial situations.

First Aid
VISIONSafe has introduced an innovative range of first aid kits: First Aid Works. Comprehensive research and development has resulted in a range of kits and modules strategically designed to promote ease of use in stressful first aid situations.

The often confusing requirements for workplace kits which comply with all State and Territory workplace regulations and recommendations has also been solved with the National Workplace Kits, providing an easy solution in all workplaces.

Sun safe hats and gloves
Introduced to the VISIONSafe range in late 2009, UVeto Australia is a specialist brand in sun protective clothing, including hats, gloves, shirts and surfwear. The main focus of UVeto is the development and supply of innovative products to protect the wearer from dangerous UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) for both work and leisure.

Licensed by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency), all of
the sun safe products carry high UPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) ratings so whether you work outside, like to spend your leisure time in the open air, or want to let your children enjoy playing outside in the sun, you can trust UVeto Australia products to help minimise the risk.

Glove Clips
The wearing of hand protection, specifically gloves, can reduce the incidence of hand injury by up to 80 per cent. Personnel are more likely to use gloves when they are conveniently and safely available and the Glove Guard and Utility Guard are specifically designed for this purpose.

Glove Guard and Utility Guard are inexpensive, easy to use and attach readily to belt, waistband, belt loop, tool belt or overall, keeping gloves close to hand at all times.

Both the Glove Guard and Utility Guard have been designed with a unique, patented safety breakaway, which allows the clip to come apart should items in the clip become entangled in machinery or other objects in the workplace.

They hold items higher on the body and move freely out of the way when standing or seated, are robust, dielectric and come in eight highly visible colors.

Hand and body protection
Guardsman specialty gloves will provide protection and safety in most applications where precision, dexterity, flexibility and control of touch are required.

Reinforced wear areas, knuckle and palm protection and special grip pads are designed
to make the gloves more durable and the long lasting fabrics are washable.

Vehicle lighting
ACOT500 vehicle lights are a very high quality range of Rotary and LED beacons and Light Bars.

Specifically designed for the mining, forestry and construction industries and emergency
services vehicles, these lights are also suited to any workplace where vehicle visibility is a priority.

Incorporating polycarbonate, UV stabilized lenses, heavy duty wiring and strong mounting magnets and plugs (where applicable), these robust lights and beacons suit the harshest of conditions.

Safety knives
The Safety Knife Company range features high quality safety knives manufactured in the United Kingdom using quality materials including Sheffield Steel blades.

The Safety Knife Company products are available through VISIONSafe, including the nylon holster and the lanyard. These versatile, heavy duty knives are suited to packaging/warehouse applications.

They have no exposed blades, are ergonomically designed with impact resistant nylon casings and carbon steel blades.

Metal detectable versions of the knives are manufactured from metal detectable plastics with Stainless Steel blades.

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