Focus on facial protection with the Forestry Visor from Sperian

When eye and face protection combined with hearing & head protection is paramount, look no further than the new Forestry Visor from Sperian, the world leaders in personal protective equipment.

Made from the highest quality mesh, the visor offers the perfect level of protection from large flying particles, while allowing for good air circulation and comfort, even during the hardest jobs.

The Forestry Visor can be easily fitted onto most hard hats to be used in conjunction with earmuffs using Howard Leight® hard hat adaptors and the Howard Leight® range of earmuffs

Featuring a wide sun brim for added protection from sun and glare, the Forestry Visor utilises a ratchet arm system which allows for the visor to be lifted up or down, eliminating the need to remove the hard hat when not using the visor.

The Forestry Visor can be used with all Howard Leight® helmet muffs including Leightning, Thunder, Clarity, Electo and Impact.

Whether chainsawing, lawn mowing, brush cutting or tree lopping, for the ultimate in eye, face and hearing  protection use the new Forestry Visor from Sperian.

For further information on the Forest Visor, contact Sperian Protection on 1300 139 166 for further details or visit