Norman G. Clark Announces:

FMS Belt Scales for Bulk Conveyors

FMS belt scales are designed for mobile and stationary applications like mobile crushers or stationary conveyors. They are extremely robust and overload protection sensors are built-in. They can be easily installed in new or existing conveyor systems.

The FMS belt scales weigh all kinds of bulk goods, from gravel, broken stones, chalk, coal, and manure to grain. Due to its compact design and common assembling parts they can be mounted easily without difficulty most conveyors.


A microprocessor-based electronic unit continuously monitors the weight on the load, its speed and daily output. All FMS belt scales are provided with analogue and digital outputs and also a serial interface RS 232 as standard equipment. They are therefore also suitable for applications where materials must be proportionately discharged or controlled and regulated.


The BMGZ electronic unit measures the load of the measuring roller and multiplies this value by the speed signal. The conveyor performance thus calculated is integrated and added to the current loading charge. The electronic unit has an automatic taring program which, at the push of a button, automatically calculates the tare value.


Features and Advantages


·         All parts are galvanized to provide durable protection against corrosion

·         Simple design through use of FMS force measuring bearings

·         Compact device through integration of force and speed measurement on the roller shaft.

·         Measuring bearings and cabling protected against damage from falling material

·         Maintenance free

·         Available for angles of inclination of 20° to 45°

·         The conical disks are moveable on the shaft and can therefore be adapted to any conveyors