Fluke Australia's DH Instruments Unveils New Pressure Controller/Calibrator

DH Instruments, a part of Fluke Australia , has introduced a new pressure controller/calibrator, PPC4. The PPC4 is designed to provide versatility and ease of use in calibration labs and manufacturing environments.

The PPC4 covers the absolute range of 1kPa (0.15psi) to 10MPa (1500psi) and gauge equivalent including lower differential pressures.

With an emphasis on high-end performance, the PPC4 minimises measurement uncertainty while maximising the ranges covered by a single controller.

The PPC4 includes exclusive, individually characterised, quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules, for increased precision and reduced measurement uncertainty.

The AutoRange feature of the PPC4 supports infinite ranging, automatically optimising all aspects of operation for the exact range of the device being calibrated. It is rugged enough for mobile applications and shipment without special packaging.

The PPC4 lets users select the interface that fits well with their application and budget. The basic front panel option is suitable for operation under computer control.

The new, advanced user interface with colour graphic display and point and click navigation is ideal for streamlining operator-controlled pressure calibration and testing tasks.

Both interfaces include a front panel USB connection and free cockpit software for full PC-based plug-and-play functionality.

The features of the PPC4 include the following:

  • pressure ‘ready/not ready’ indicator with user adjustable criteria
  • real time calculation and display of the uncertainty in the set pressure
  • high dynamic control precision and control turndown
  • open architecture that gives nearly limitless system configurations to adapt to specific applications requirements
  • flash memory for simple and free embedded software upgrades