Fluke Australia Releases Upgraded Version of InsideIR Software

Fluke Australia has released an upgraded version of its InsideIR software, a Windows-based PC application for thermal analysis and reporting that is included with the Fluke Ti20 and Ti30 thermal imagers.

The new InsideIR 4.0 software application features tools that are designed to help users more easily identify and analyse captured images and use them to plan thermography inspection routes and generate reports, including temperature spots, histograms, isotherms and emissivity and temperature compensation.

The version 4.0 upgrade features advanced analysis tools, meaning that readings can be taken from points, lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons and curved areas.

Additional features include:

  • Reporting enhancements including trending capability
  • An enhanced profile tool
  • Support for increased routing flexibility
  • The ability to generate reports of up to four pages per image

InsideIR software automatically checks the Fluke web site and notifies the user if a newer version of software is available. InsideIR is now available in 10 languages.