Fluke Australia Releases New Earth Ground Tester

Fluke Australia has released new Fluke 1621 basic earth ground tester. This easy to use earth ground tester provides basic ground testing methods with a simple user interface and intuitive functionality.

The Fluke 1621 is designed to be part of a predictive maintenance program for industrial, electrical and utility programs.

The ground tester features:

  • 3-pole fall-of-potential earth testing for basic measurements
  • 2-pole resistance measurements for added versatility
  • Easy capture values with single-button operation
  • Accurate measurements with automatic noise voltage detection
  • Hazardous voltage warning offering increased user protection
  • Rugged holster and design for tough work environments
  • Portable size for easy transportation
  • Adjustable limit settings to alert technicians to measurements outside of the set limit
  • Large backlit display which displays and records high visibility result

A good earth or ground connection in any electrical system is essential. If the resistance of the ground connections increases, the safety and operation of the electrical system becomes questionable.


The Fluke 1621 determines a site for reliable earth ground connection and also helps avoid system failure and danger through verifying the connection is at an acceptable tolerance level.

As a basic entry level ground tester the Fluke 1621 provides a strong addition to the 1630 ground clamp and the high-end, full featured 1623 and 1625.