Flow switches for air

SMC Pneumatics has launched the PF2A range of flow switches for air in the Australian market.

The PF2A is part of the PF range of flow switches released by SMC Pneumatics in 2004 to replace its PFA, PFW and PFD series.

An important use of the switches is setting and monitoring air flow on branch lines in a plant and then providing feedback to process control systems and controllers.

These can each be monitored individually using the PF2A series, enabling the calculation of total air flow from the main line and therefore providing a means of leak detection and calculation of total energy use.

Three types of output are possible with the new range: switch, accumulated pulse and analogue - with the ability to switch between real-time flow or accumulated flow rates if required.

The PF2A is available in eight models in port sizes from 1/8" to 2".

The range offers flow rate ranges of between 1-10 l/min and 600-12000 l/min.

Although the PF2A includes an integrated display and control unit, the PF2A can be used with a remote type control unit if desired.

Both the integrated and the remote controller units feature a 10mm, 3-digit visual LED display that illuminates green or red depending on output.

The PF2A has a water-resistant construction conforming to IP65. With their capacity for monitoring air consumption and detecting leaks across individual systems or entire plants, switches in the PF range can be used across a wide range of industries.

Electronics, automotive and whitegood manufacturing, spot welding, silicon wafer production for circuitry and R&D are just some of the fields where the PF products can be used to save time and money on unnecessary air and energy consumption.

Specifications including operating pressures and temperature ranges vary between the many models in the new series.