Floating suction pads SBS with new support

Product modification permits faster release of workpieces


Until now, the rubber pads on the bottom of the floating suction pad SBS had a flat surface.


The problem:

Depending on the workpiece, it sometime happened that a vacuum was generated between the rubber pad and the surface of the workpiece.

In such cases, the workpiece was released more slowly, i.e. with a delay, when the suction pad was switched off.


In order to prevent this, we have now changed the bottom surface of the rubber pad.


The solution:


·      The floating suction pad SBS now has a modified rubber pad.

·      The bottom surface of the pad has an integrated slot 0.3 mm deep.

·      No vacuum can now be formed between the pad and the workpiece surface.

·      The technical properties of the suction pad remain unchanged.


The result:

Workpieces are always released reliably and quickly.

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