Flintec Load Cells Weighing Sewerage By-Product On The Gold Coast

Industrial load cells were recently fitted to a large hopper for weighing waste sewerage by-product for the Merrimac Waste Water Treatment Plant on the Gold Coast.

The load cells were fitted by Accuweigh’s Brisbane South branch as a part of a multi-million dollar waste water project by Gold Coast Water. The load cells are used to weigh the treated sludge into trucks for delivery free of charge to local market gardeners for rejuvenating soil.

Sludge is conveyed into the 120t capacity hopper which is mounted on 6 x 30t Flintec industrial load cells scales and then an auger/conveyor combination empties the sludge into waiting trucks.

The load cells play an important part in the treatment process by not only tracking the volumes of waste product but by also ensuring the trucks transporting the waste on public roads do not exceed GVM ratings which could result in overloaded fines for the drivers.

The Flintec RC3 load cells are of fully stainless steel construction and rated to IP68 and are completely hermetically sealed for use in wet and corrosive environments. The load cells were supplied with a self contained restraining kit for use in the external conditions.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial scale company and has branches in all states providing after sales service support on load cells, scales and all weighing equipment.