Flexilift’s new ‘anorexic’ forklift has big appetite for work

Affectionately labeled as the most ‘anorexic’ brand in forklifts, Flexi has released its latest model that can operate in aisles as thin as 1642mm, or outside in depot yards.

Compared to most other conventional forklifts, the Flexi G4 electric VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Counterbalance truck creates up to 30 per cent more storage space within an existing warehouse or logistics centre.

Distributed nationally by Flexilift Australia, the unit has a load capacity of 2000kg.

Flexi G4 can operate at 100 per cent duty cycle in just 1642mm (Euro) or 1762mm (ISO) aisle widths while lifting to heights exceeding 12m.

The Flexi G4 has no special floor requirements, so there is no need to alter existing warehouse dimensions.

They are, however, able to introduce more racking within that existing area.

Flexi G4 VNA works like an electric counterbalance truck, with one truck doing the job of both a counterbalance truck and a reach truck.

Double handling is all but eliminated, enabling Flexi G4 to cut handling costs by up to 50 per cent or more in most working environments.

“In most cases, because of the very narrow operating space it requires, the Flexi G4 VNA liberates up to 30 per cent more warehouse capacity compared to conventional reach trucks,” says Flexilift national business development manager John Fisher.

“Due to the rising costs of floor space around Australia, we find that many businesses are realising the cost efficiencies of better utilisation of an existing warehouse footprint.

“An ideal way of securing better profits is to make aisles thinner, therefore allowing more racking on existing floor space.

“Flexi G4 VNA, arguably the world’s most ‘anorexic’ lift truck, has been developed as the ideal technical asset for these economic times where every square metre of floor space counts dearly.”

Flexilift Australia is also the exclusive agent in Australia for Hyundai Forklifts and the Sellick range of rough terrain lift trucks.

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