Flexible Swingflex Doors

DMF International Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of the flexible door industry for over thirty five years and is Australia's largest exporter of specialised, Swinflex doors.

DMF has developed and refined an assortment of flexible PVC doors, which are used for maintaining the operating environments in many applications.

Swingflex doors are an impact type door, designed for pedestrians or forklift traffic. They swing in both directions and have concealed adjustable torque springs, which return the doors to the closed position.

The main benefits of the flexible PVC panels is the operation is quiet and safe for operators.

Swingflex doors are custom made to size and have been manufactured at the DMF plant in Sydney for many years.

Manufacturing of this product also occurs in Melbourne, New Zealand, Manila, Malaysia, and soon South Korea.

While it is a proven design, there have been a few options developed for the Swingflex door to enhance the performance and aesthetics of the product.

New features of the Swingflex door include:

  • New magnetic hold open devices, designed to simply allow the door to be held open at 90°
  • Ability to be manufactured to opening sizes of 3m x 3m for a pair of doors
  • Coloured laminate finishes to the panel, which not only provide a new look to the door, but this laminate also provides additional strength to the PVC panel.

DMF operates two factories in Sydney, where their complete range of flexible doors, including Visiflex Strip Doors, Rapid Auto Roll Doors and the Auto BiFlex doors are fully manufactured to the DMF design.