Flexible PVC from DMF International

As well as producing a range of flexible PVC doors such as Visiflex Strip Doors, Swingflex doors, and high speed automated roll doors, DMF International also carries a large stock of flexible PVC, which may be used for not only doors, but also for gaskets, waterproofing, liners, shields, or even cutting surfaces.

Sizes of strip PVC range from 100 x 2mm, 150 x 2,3 and 5mm, 200 x 2 and 3mm, 300 x 2,3 and 5mm, and 400 x 4mm. Sheet sizes range from the film size of 0.5mm up to 10mm thick, and roll widths form 900mm up to 2200mm, depending on the thickness.

DMF International can supply in rolls, or cut to size as required.

Primarily, the PVC is clear in ambient temp grade or Freezer temp grade, but some coloured PVC is available in limited size. Colours also include rated Weldscreen bronze and dark green.