Flexibility in skilling the big challenge

The post-GFC business environment has been characterised by an ever-tightening labour market and rapidly shifting skills needs.

Driven by changes in technology and in the composition and capability requirements of the Australian business and commercial and government landscapes, skills gaps are

It is up to vocational training and education specialists to be flexible and creative enough to anticipate these gaps and craft solutions to fill them.

The Innovation and Business Skills Australia Escan Report advises organisations on refinements to training packages to meet the needs of industry and identify investment
priorities for Australia’s Vocational Education and Training system.

In its most recent report, released in the last quarter of 2010, it cited business sustainability as an important area of focus.

The Report went on to pinpoint some of the specific skills required to build sustainability.

These include developing leadership skills, innovation and risk management skills, knowledge management along with learning cultures, digital and new technology skills.

Many traditional workplace-acquired skills and qualifications are still lagging behind the new need, however, there are also pockets of innovation, with some of the larger and
more established training and business improvement specialists acting quickly to update and add to the curriculum in anticipation of these changing needs.

SAI Global Training and Improvement Solutions is one such example.

The nature of many of its courses and improvement solutions have been changing in response to these changing needs.

Professional development courses for individuals now include a range of topics including how to document and write a report for management systems, effective leadership, fostering successful working relationships, strategic planning and change management.

New, sustainability-oriented courses have also been added, with the aim of building the strength and capability of individuals and also entire divisions and departments.

These include new qualifications in Advanced Leadership Systems, which focus on building knowledge, skills and awareness to provide leadership and develop and implement strategic plans and in Management Systems Leadership, which focuses on driving systems improvement through the effective management of self and others.

SAI Global also offer strategic support to develop organisational capability to address the skills shortage.

By leveraging the internationally renowned Australian Business Excellence Framework, they can help organisations to align their processes, knowledge systems and people development to ensure there is a long term focus on sustainable performance and minimise the impact of external limitations.

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