Five-star service with Bellmans birdcage trolleys


Warequip a supplier of premium brands such as Rubbermaid and Magliner, has launched a new range of stainless steel Bellmans and luggage trolleys.

These 5-star porters’ trolleys from Warequip come with a 5-star finish.

The “birdcage” style Bellmans Trolley features highly polished stainless steel bars, garment and hang rail, finial top, coupled with premium carpet and non-marking wheels.

Bellmans trolleys are typically designed to move guest’s luggage from concierge into foyers and aid with transporting luggage into guest rooms.

High quality Bellmans Trolleys not only look great, they are easy to use.

Warequip’s stainless steel Birdcage Trolley is very manoeuvrable, allowing operators to work safely and ergonomically.

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