Five-port solenoid valve

SMC Pneumatics is expanding its range of stackable manifolds with plug-in valve stations with the introduction of the SV2000 5-port solenoid valve into Australia.

Electrically and pneumatically stackable, the SV2000 has been designed to simplify manufacturing processes and reduce downtime for system maintenance, reconfiguration and upgrade.

The valve is suitable for both serial and parallel wiring and the use of multi-pin connectors to replace conventional lead wiring inside manifold blocks provides the flexibility for individual valves to be replaced, or the number of stations to be increased or decreased without disassembling the manifold.

Two mounting options are available:

* Cassette base type manifolds on the SV2000 offer easy addition or removal of sections using a simple locking-lever release mechanism. Up to 16 stations can be stacked together using this option.

* Conventional tie-rod base type manifolds are also available and use 34 pin connectors to allow up to 16 stations with double solenoids.

Other features of the SV2000 are the inclusion of two 3-port valves built into a single body and the ability to control the A and B ports individually.

Rated IP65 and IP67 compliant, SMC says the new product is ideal for serial interface connection in applications including food processing, electrical and automotive manufacturing and metal working industries.